New Life Discipleship Program

We strive to teach the Residents that God has brought our way that if they put their faith in Jesus Christ for forgiveness of sins, they are, in fact, A NEW CREATURE IN CHRIST. The old life is forgiven and gone. They may choose to serve the flesh,  but they do not have to live that way. We believe in the cognitive therapy approach- in other words, until an addict is thinking correctly, his actions will continue to cause him failure and heartache.
Our goal is to see men recover, and not return to their old lifestyle. Instead, we want to assist them in finding victory in Christ, and living a new life full of happiness and God's blessings.
We help them accomplish this by providing a structured program that will prepare them to re-enter society as responsible citizens. We strive to teach them the importance of completing tasks and being timely in all job duties.

An example of the daily schedule is as follows:
6:00 AM Wakeup and breakfast
7:00 AM Morning Classes
8:00 AM Daily Work Assignments
12:00 PM Lunch
1:00 PM Resume Daily Work Assignment
3:00 PM Study Time
5:00 PM Supper/Clean Up
6:00 PM Evening Bible Study
7:00 PM Free Time (on site)
10:00 PM Lights Out
This schedule teaches them that there is a proper time for everything, so they can establish a routine that is necessary in daily life.