Thank You Poplar Bluff

During our recent flooding you helped feed over 5000 members of our community.  Whether it was in the Black River Coliseum shelter, or the many volunteers in the shelter or the sand bag crews, or the towns people in Van Buren it was your kindness that made it possible.  Some gave needed cash to purchase food items others gave the actual food to the shelter kitchen.  What ever your part we humble thank you.

United Gospel Rescue Mission

Working with the Mission helps everyone!

The United Gospel Rescue Mission is in our community to serve our community, and the surrounding areas.  Whether  we are serving a hot nutritious meal, providing rehabilitation to an addicted man, helping with utility connection fees, aiding clients with clothing, furniture, or other household goods, the Rescue Mission is ready to assist needy people in their time of need.

Our Christian Social Services screen and aid needy families, individuals, and Senior Citizens. 

Our New Life Program at the Kay Porter house provides men needing help with their addictions to find a new life through a one-year, residential rehabilitation program.  This program is free of charge thanks to our wonderful donors who care about others in our community.

As part of Butler County's Emergency Management Team (EMA),  we have been involved in feeding over 30,000 meals during three area disasters in the last 10 years. All of this is done free of charge, and could not have happened without financial donations from you, the caring people of this community, and the hundreds of volunteers that come out for emergencies. Recently, during a major fire in the downtown area, our Director, Rev. Gregory Kirk, who also doubles as the Chaplain to the Poplar Bluff Fire Dept., was able to coordinate getting cold drinks and fresh food to the firefighters and volunteers who gathered to help our community.
The mission has also been instrumental in helping several local families touched by fire over the years. Whether it is helping find emergency housing, replacing furniture, or meeting with grieving family members over a tragic loss. Our Rescue Team is willing and able to help our community during the direst of circumstances.

When you donate to the United Gospel Rescue Mission, whether financially, or donation of used items for sale in the Thrift Store, you become an active member of the United Gospel Rescue Team. 


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