About Us

Greetings!  Thank you for visiting the United Gospel Rescue Mission website! 

My name is Pastor Gregory Kirk.  I serve as the Executive Director of the United Gospel Rescue Mission of Poplar Bluff, Missouri.   Many people are not aware of what the Rescue Mission does in our community.  Let me begin with a short history of our mission.  My prayer is that you will learn who we are, what we do, and how you can connect with us and help us continue to serve the broken lives of men and families in Butler County, and the surrounding communities through your financial donations as well as your acts of mercy, compassion given out of love for Jesus Christ.


Over fifty years ago,  five pastors came together after a local revival and began praying about what to do with the derelicts and drunk men who were roaming around the train depot and the main streets in Poplar Bluff. These men put together $50.00,  and rented a small store front which became the United Gospel Rescue Mission.  Mr. Gus Parrish served as the first director.  Rev. Jim Dunn then served as Executive Director until 2006.  At that time, I was called to become the Pastor at the United Gospel Rescue Mission serving the broken lives that enter the door of the Mission daily.


The United Gospel Rescue Mission still takes care of the men who, through circumstances of life, have fallen through the cracks of society. Those coming out of prison, and those who due to addictions, broken family situations, job loss, life problems and wounds can still find a place of love, care and a chance for a new life.  We do this through our one-year residential New Life program. The New Life Program offers hope and healing to those men caught in the throes of alcohol or drug addiction. It is only through the cleansing power of our Lord Jesus Christ that men can truly be free.  We teach them how to find Christ and have Him hold an active place in their hearts. While the program is free, all men are expected to complete daily tasks during their stay, thus training them to find employment, and become citizens that are grateful and successful. 


Just as the original $50 donation enabled the beginning of the UGRM, your continuing donations enable the UGRM to continue helping men back on their feet today. It is your financial gifts, donation of household items and clothing and your donation of your compassion and time, that makes this ministry possible each day.  Without YOU, there is no one to help.  Please consider what place you can play in the work of the UNITED GOSPEL RESCUE MISSION.

While working with drug/alcohol addicted men is first and foremost in the ministry of the United Gospel Rescue Mission, we are also extremely active in our community in other ways. We are not a social organization in the strict sense of the word, but we do the best social work in our county. Annually, we serve approximately 60,000 daily meals, provide over 7000 nights of shelter each year, and it is only possible because of YOU.  The individuals, churches and businesses of this community make our ministry possible.  THANK YOU.

LUNCH -  The mission serves a public lunch at 12:00 noon Monday-Friday.  This meal is at no charge.

CHRISTIAN SOCIAL SERVICES - We help with utility deposits, household goods and various other needs. Contact Christian Social Services at (573)785-4683.

NEW LIFE PROGRAM - Free of charge.  Call 573-785-4683

GREAT THANKSGIVING BANQUET - Served on Thanksgiving Day at the Kay Porter House.  Also, meals may be delivered.  Call ahead to schedule your Thanksgiving Dinner delivery

CHRISTMAS BANQUET - Our annual Christmas Banquet is served on Christmas Day.  If you need a meal delivered, please call to schedule a delivery of your Christmas Dinner.