Get Involved

Dr Henry Blackaby in his classic work, Experiencing God, stated, "Find Out Where God is Working and GET INVOLVED."  You and your family can be a blessing to the less fortunate by connecting with us and serving. 

Whether it is serving a meal with your family, civic club, your fellow employees, or all by yourself, there are always things to do.  We are always in need of help sorting, pricing, and stocking our Thrift Store with items for sale.

Maybe you are a professional carpenter, plumber, electrician or another professional that would be willing to lend a hand fixing broken equipment, or helping with the facilities.

We can always use a few Christian men that could visit and be a mentor to a man on our program.  Come drink a cup of coffee, and pray and encourage him as he seeks to find a new way of living. 


Do you have an extra hour each week you could donate to the Mission? 

What happens to the hundreds of items that are given each week to the mission? 

They must all be sorted, checked for working conditon and some of them must be cleaned.  All of this is done by mission volunteers.  Can you help us in this very important process? 

If you think this an endevour worthy of your attention please call Maryia at 573-785-4683 and express your interest.  Whether it is an hour or an entire day;  your help would be appreciated.  Maybe you are that dedicated yard seller who knows the worth of used items, you could be invaluable to us by helping us price items and get them ready to sell.

Remember every item sold in the Thrift Store becomes a bowl of soup, or a portion fo an electric bill, or gas money for someone trying to get to that important job interview.

We cannot do it without your help.

Meet Our Volunteers

Meet the people that help us help others, tell them thanks!


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