Have you considered becoming a monthly supporter of the United Gospel Rescue Mission?  Please become a monthly partner in all of the ministries and outreach of the United Gospel Rescue Mission.   Why are monthly partners important?  They are essential because it helps us in our monthly budgeting,  Your monthly donation gives us the stability we need in planning and supporting the most critical needs of our community.

A charitable gift annuity for the Rescue Mission is indeed a gift that gives back to the donor and the Rescue Mission. With a Rescue Mission charitable gift annuity, you can lock in an excellent rate of income, help the Mission and save on your taxes.

Your annuity check will be sent to you quarterly. Your income is secure for life. And this is one time that "getting older" is a benefit because the older you are, the better the rate! Once you have made this decision you are assured that (at your death), the remaining principal will go to The Rescue Mission to help homeless families.
Have you thought of leaving a lasting memorial gift to the Rescue Mission? You may continue to give to the mission for many years, after you depart this earth, by including the Rescue Mission in your will, estate plan or living trust.
Will you prayerfully consider leaving a legacy gift for the least, the last, and the lost